The official NYE Countdown for 2019 is one of the most powerful Dj and Nightclub New Year’s Eve tools. We’ve been in the industry for over 19 years. It has revolutionized how DJ’s, Nightclubs and other hospitality events build hype, create insane amounts of energy with audiences and crowds of any size. The producers of the official NYE Countdown have been seasoned DJs and nightclub/ restaurant managers since the early 1990’s. During that time, they noticed year after year in many markets and venues across the world that their crowds and customers dissipated as soon as midnight hit on New Year’s Eve. So, they came up with an ingenious solution…

انهن کي چار منٽ پيدا ڪيو “NYE Customized Countdown” in audio form. Then, a few years later into the highly acclaimed 4K, graphic-intense video countdown which has changed New Year’s Eve events all over the world.

The NYE Countdown is all customized with the DJ’s and venues professionally voiced names and business logos inside their countdown.

آفيسر NYE گنت انگيز پيدا ڪري ٿو اها عجيب “party-all-night” energy جڳهن تي. جئين سيٽ جيڪي ڊيمن کي ناچائڻ، مصروف، ۽ پيئڻ جو رستو گذاريندا هيا، جيڪو اڌ رات جي تڪليف تي بار بار وڌائڻ ۽ بار بار منافع کي وڌائڻ ۽ وڌايو وڃي ٿو.

The NYE Countdown is exclusively used by professional working Disc Jockeys, Mobile DJs, Vj’s or Video Jockeys, Nightclubs, Bars, Radio Stations, Casinos, Hotel chains, Resorts, Record Pools, Entertainment Venues and Production Companies Worldwide.

The official NYE Countdown comes in 4 languages; ENGLISH, ESPAÑOL, FRANÇAIS & DEUTSCHE.


: 03

جڳھ کي جڳھ ڏيو

پنھنجي شمار جي آخري قسم جو چونڊيو. پنهنجي علامت (لوگو) اپلوڊ ڪريو، گهربل حساس آواز جا حصا، فائيل فارميٽ، ۽ ٻيا دستياب اختيار.

: 02

حاصل ڪرڻ جي چڪاس ڪريو

Receive your customized countdown before New Year’s Eve, GUARANTEED! (*Typically, 48-72 hours after you place your order)

: 01

Press Play At 11:56PM & Walk Away!

That’s it! Just hit play on your system at 11:56 pm New Year’s Eve… and watch the magic happen in front of you. Press play, walk away, and watch the crowd go crazy! (*earplugs not included, lol)

2019 Demos:

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